Leslie Creek Mabi Corridor

Habitat Restoration


Barron Catchment Care recently was successful in obtaining funding through the Community Sustainability Action Grants Program (Round 1 Conservation).  This project will value-add to previous projects undertaken at sites stretched over the Mabi landscape along riparian areas of the Barron River and Leslie Creek through restoration actions undertaken by BCC over the last 9 years. The two sites are key areas in the planned strategic connectivity Mabi corridors linking Wongabel State Forest, Picnic Crossing Reserve and Curtain Fig NP, identified in the Mabi Forest Recovery Plan.

Detailed summary

This project will plant 3,200 Mabi seedlings over 1.3 ha at two sites along Leslie Creek.  

1. The first site is located between Leslie Creek and Mt Quincan.  This planting will complete a corridor between the remnant vegetation on Leslie Creek to the remnant vegetation on Mt Quincan.  The first part of this corridor was planted in 2016, funded by the landholder and assisted by Barron Catchment Care and the Green Army.  

2. The second site is along Leslie Creek near McKeown Road.  This planting will complete previous revegetation work undertaken by Barron Catchment Care and TREAT on this property.  The property is also adjoins a previous planting on the neighbouring property. 

Both plantings willbe community events run in conjunction with our partner organisation TREAT and will occur in early 2018.