TilapiaMap_May2012.jpegThe black mangrove cichlid or ‘spotted tilapia’ (Tilapia mariae) and the Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) were illegally introduced into Australian waterways during the 1970s. Both species have become well established in the relatively short time
since their introduction.


Tilapia is established in 19 of the 76 catchments in QLD. The Barron River Catchment is the only catchment in QLD to have the two species of Tilapia.  


Both tilapia species are declared invasive pests in most Australian states. The rapid rate at which both species are spreading suggests that they will have a harmful impact on our environment.


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Tilapia Buster

The official result for the day was a total of 485 Tilapia pulled from Tinaroo Dam

And the winners were.


Primary Schools

1st  - Harry Henricks, Yungaburra Primary [130 fish]

2nd - Jessica Collins, Dimbulah Primary [69 fish]

3rd -  Raechacha Seymour, Kairi Primary [61 fish]



High Schools

1st - Jessica Mostert, Dimbulah High [15 fish]

2nd - Kerry Jackson, Ravenshoe High [3 fish]

3rd - Cowan Cordell, Atherton High [1 fish]



Oreochromis mossambicus


looking into its mouth.