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Mabi remnants under threat

Barron Catchment Care has recently finalised a project to control Turbina corymbosa (turbine vine) one of the most persistent emerging weeds in the catchment.

Barron Catchment Care (BCC) has been targeting Turbina corymbosa over the last 3 years through a $100,000 project funded under the Queensland Government’s Everyone’s Environment Grant program.  An introduced species from Tropical America, turbina forms vine towers over native vegetation, smothering it and disabling natural recruitment below.

In recent times, the damaging effects of Cyclones Larry and Yasi have contributed to the proliferation of turbina in rainforest margins and riverbanks on the Atherton Tablelands.  The remnants of critically endangered Mabi forest in the area have particularly been hit hard, with some sections completely blanketed by the weed.  Mabi forest, listed as critically endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, is important habitat for a range of rare, endangered and endemic species including the Lumholtz’s Tree-Kangaroo (after which it is named).

Partnering with CSIRO, Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Terrain NRM, Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC), James Cook University and Tablelands Regional Council, Barron Catchment Care coordinated an aerial and ground survey of key areas of the catchment to identify the extent of the vine. The survey revealed that the species has a strong presence in Mabi remnants and is present along almost the entire length of the Barron River.

Control of this destructive weed, particularly in Mabi remnants, has been the key focus of the program. Based on the survey results FNQROC developed a Turbina Management Plan which was used to determine where weed control would be most effective. BCC then utilised the services of North Queensland Land Management Services to undertake on-ground weed management of Turbina in over 45 hectares of critically endangered Mabi forest to bring the vine under control. It is thought that without intervention, the destructive blanketing effect of Turbina would have continued unabated throughout key Mabi remnants. Barron Catchment Care’s turbina project has been acquitted but the group is continuing to work with other stakeholders in the region to ensure work on this destructive and persistent vine continues.


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 Photo: Marcus Bulstrode

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       Photo: North Queensland Land Management Services

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Everyone’s Environment Grant
The Turbina Project has undertaken a control program targeting key remnant Mabi sites within the upper reaches of the Barron River on the Atherton Tablelands.
With initial seed funding from Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Everyone’s Environment Grant (EEG), Barron Catchment Care will continue its partnership with Federal, State and local governments, industry, landholders and community groups to tackle the troublesome vine.