About us


The Barron River Catchment Management Association (BRCMA), operating as Barron Catchment Care, was formed in 1994 to identify and implement sustainable land use and catchment management strategies for the Barron River.


Barron Catchment Care is one of seven catchment groups among the many Landcare and community groups within the Wet Tropics Region in Far North Queensland. It includes representatives from a wide range of interest groups, including local councils, rural producers, commerce and industry, urban community, conservation, tourism, education, and State agencies.


The diversity of representation in Barron Catchment Care will ensure that the social and economic needs of the local communities are considered in the planning process, as well as the need to preserve essential ecosystem functions. The success of the Barron catchment management process relies on the voluntary actions of individuals and organisations who choose to make their land management practices more sustainable, with the support of the Barron Catchment Care.


Issues for Barron Catchment Care

The Barron River system is one of the most heavily used and impacted of all streams in the Wet Tropics. Past clearing of native vegetation and introduction of different land uses have affected water quality, biodiversity, physical integrity and cultural heritage within the catchment, meaning change for the communities who depend on the Barron.


Current priority projects for Barron Catchment Care focus on: 


Revegetation and habitat restoration

  • Rejuvenating the river through revegetation and habitat restoration at sites along the Barron River, through the Green Corridor Program
  • Working with landholders to repair erosion hotspots through a combination of earth construction and revegetation

Land and water management

  • Reviewing and revising agricultural Best Practice in consultation with local farmers and land managers

Community engagement and planning

  • Working with local schools to increase awareness of catchment issues and encourage involvement in water quality monitoring and tree planting  e.g. our partnership with the local school and the Tablelands Regional Council to revegetate a weedy section of Mazlin Creek
  • Reviewing the Barron River Catchment Management Strategy, with input from our members.