Leslie Creek Mt Quincan Mabi Expansion


Mabi forest is very fragmented on the Atherton Tablelands with only 4% remaining on the Tablelands. This Leslie Creek – Mt Quincan revegetation connects to revegetation on Ball road which was done in the early 2000’s. The long term reduction of sediment entering Leslie Creek is also a big contribution to the Upper Barron River Catchment and consequently the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Taking advantage of In-Kind provision of Mabi Seedlings from QPWS (2,395) and NQLMS (495) our plantings exceeded our expectations. Also bringing the community together has helped local awareness of fragile ecosystems and the methods which can be used to enable better forest and waterway health on the Atherton Tablelands, particularly with the growing interest by younger generations. Work such as this revegetation gives today’s youth positive aspirations for their local environment and demonstrates methods they themselves can use.

Project activites

  • Revegetation maintenance
  • Spray and release activity
  • 4478 trees planted
  • 2 Owl nesting boxes installed
  • 2.1 hectares weeded and rehabilitated
  • 14 volunteers engaged

Coverage area

Leslie Creek, Mt Quincan

Project timeline

2017 – 2020


Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
Community Sustainability Action Grants – Round Two – Environement Conservation