Mabi Forest Resilience Project


The Wongabel State Forest is one of very few remaining remnant areas of Mabi vegetation which was reduced through clearing by 97% prior to the 1920’s.

This project aims to restore 1ha of land adjacent to Mabi Forest to protect vulnerable remnant forest by undertaking weeding, mulching and planting of 3,000 trees by community members.

Project activites

  • Deliver a community education Open Day to increase awareness of precious habitat, ecosystem services and their importance to the local and wider community for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • To inspire and induce changes in behaviour within our commuities
  • Fragmented forest areas are particularly susceptible to severe weather events caused by storms and droughts. Adding 1 ha. of restored Mabi land to adjacent remnant forest will increase its resilience to severe weather events and increasing temperatures while playing a part in climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration.

Coverage area

Wongabl State Forest, Kennedy Highway, Wongabel

Project timeline

June 2022 to October 2025


Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science.
Community Sustainability Action Grants Round 6: Community Climate Action.