Mixed Cropping in Wet Tropics


This project delivered property improvement plans to 10 farms and much-needed on-ground works leading to production sustainability dividends for farmers.

Project Outcomes

The environmental outcomes, while unmeasurable in practical terms, will be significant. The soil and water conservation benefits are now recurring year after year. Farmers are acutely aware of soil loss issues on their land and fully understand the impact on productivity and the environmental impact when their soil ends up in waterways. Our leading farmers are highly motivated to deal with these issues, however getting them over hurdles like the cost of on-ground works and access to technical design that complements their farming amenity is critical. This project did that very well by providing a capped $ threshold for on-ground works and by having an experienced design consultant on-board and fully funded.  

By any measure, it’s been a very successful project, keeping tonnes of soil on farms, keepings tonnes of sediment out of waterways, sustaining highly productive agricultural activity and creating interest among other farmers. Should a similar project follow in the path of this one, it would capture a group of farmers highly motivated by the works and outcomes they’ve seen on neighbouring farms. Further, it has delivered very good bang for tax-payer buck, as farmers have put their hands in their pocket to deal with long standing issues. 

Finally, it’s worth stating the benefits of this type of project are both private and public. Landholders are focussed on investments in their soil and farming practice, but the public benefit is far wider and therefore much greater. The environmental benefits derived off-farm must be factored into any project that assists farmers financially to make tangible land management improvements. 

Project timeline

May 2017 to June 2019


Terrain NRM