Wongabel Rainforest Recovery Stage II


4,500 stems planted in 1.5 hectares adjacent to the 2019/2020 site. The initial task involved slashing and clearing the area of 3-4 metre Guinea Grass.  The planting took place in March to align with the wet season.

Project activites

  • Planting of 4,500 stems in across 1.5 hectares
  • Slashing and clearing the area 
  • Cut grass used as mulch 
  • Two site sprays  
  • The traditional Tablelands revegetation method undertaken 
  • 3000 stems per hectare, augured holes, onsite mulching, fertilizer added 
  • Planted in March to align with the wet season. 

Coverage area

Wongabel State Forest

Project timeline

2021 – 2022


The Building Rainforest Resilience Project is supported by Terrain Natural Resource Management (NRM) through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Rainforest Landholders Grant 2021- 2022 – Mabi Recovery Stage II Wongabel Forest