Integrated catchment management

 Integrated catchment management (ICM) is the sustainable and balanced use of all land, water and biological resources in a catchment. ICM fosters cooperation and coordination between landholders, community groups, government agencies and other natural resource users and managers.

 It encourages people to make voluntary changes in the way they use and manage their natural resources.


Organisation Structure

Vision Statement

‘For the community to develop and implement equitable and sustainable resource management practices so that the economic, ecological and cultural values of the Barron River Catchment are maintained and enhanced.’

3 zones


Barron Catchment Care consists of members of three community Zone Forums overseen by a Catchment Coordinating Committee (CCC).  The CCC meets monthly as does the Upper Zone; the Central Zone meets every second month, and the Lower Zone meets on an as-needs basis.

Zone Forums

The three Zone Forums reflect geographic sections of the catchment with distinct climate, landscapes, land uses and socio-economic interests:

  • Upper Zone –    catchment above Tinaroo Falls Dam

  • Central Zone –  catchment between the Tinaroo Falls Dam and the Barron Falls

  • Lower Zone –    catchment below Barron Falls.

Zone Forum members include representatives from a wide range of interest groups including local and state government, rural producers, commerce and industry, urban community, conservation, education, recreation, tourism and Indigenous groups. Through the Zone Forum activities, all areas of the community have the opportunity for input to the ICM process.

Catchment Coordinating Committee

The Catchment Coordinating Committee is made up of:

Voting members

  • Four ordinary members from each of the Zone Forums
  • Two local government members – one from each of the two Regional Councils (Tablelands and Cairns)
  • A maximum of four government employees (state and federal), representing departments with interests in the Barron catchment.

Non-voting members

  • State and federal parliamentarians whose electorate includes any part of the Barron catchment.

The role of the CCC is to manage and coordinate the ‘grass roots’ activities of the community and government representatives of Barron Catchment Care and to integrate the concerns of the three Zone Forums into policy for the whole of the catchment.

Current Catchment Coordinating Committee members:




Brian Down                                      

Vice Chair:

Geoff Dickinson 


Case Schoorl


Margaret Cochrane




Upper Zone Forum:      

Case Schoorl    

Central Zone Forum:      

Margaret Zehtner       

Lower Zone Forum:

Brian Down

Acting Coordinator:

Sheryl Fitch


The key objects of Barron Catchment Care, written in our Constitution (updated May 2010), are:

  1. Develop and promote strategies for ecologically sustainable development of the Barron River catchment in a constructive and balanced way.
  2. Develop practical solutions to complex and interrelated problems in land and water use and management through public and government participation and in particular to assist in the development of a management plan for the Barron River catchment.
  3. Promote community understanding of the interactions between land, water and related biological resources, and the value of a coordinated catchment wide approach for managing these resources, particularly within the Barron River Catchment.
  4. Minimise detrimental environmental effects due to the use of land, water and related biological resources within and beyond the Barron River catchment boundaries.
  5. To set up a public gift fund, to be called Barron Catchment Care Gift Fund, for the specific purpose of receiving donations and gifts which are tax deductible for the donor and which are to be used to support the established environmental objects of Barron River Catchment Management Association Incorporated.